Corporate Profile

Horizon Meadows - 3Realtex Development Corporation (“Realtex”) is a professional real estate development company with extensive experience and a unique approach to the real estate business.

Realtex was formed in early 1998 with a focus on creating premier quality multi-family and high-end luxury properties while providing sound investments for the participants. The president, Rick J. Deyoe has extensive experience in selecting secure real estate markets and product designs that encompass all of the parameters of true quality developments. These objectives enhance the investor’s safety, while providing superiority in affordable and market rate housing across the nation. As every Realtex community is built, a positive impact is instilled on the living and social conditions of the neighborhoods surrounding the property.

Our diverse portfolio of properties is comprised of four strategic business units:

♦  Affordable Housing (including HUD)
♦  Market Rate Luxury Apartment Homes
♦  Senior Affordable Housing
♦  Student & University Housing

Along with conventional financing sources, Realtex utilizes financing structures such as State and Federal Housing Tax Credit (HTC) programs, Tax Exempt Mortgage Backed Revenue Bonds, HOME Investment Partnerships, Community Development Block Grant funds, Neighborhood Stabilization Program funds, USDA loans, Housing Trust Fund programs, and various HUD programs.  In addition, Realtex professionals work with other federal, state, and local municipalities for additional grants and subsidies. By aiming and attaining our goals, Realtex is able to create luxury apartment homes with superior amenities for its residents at affordable rental rates.  We are proud of the supportive services that we provide for our residents.

Through its systems, procedures, and relationships, the company’s vision and leadership provide a distinguished direction and commitment to the development, construction, and management of the utmost quality luxurious multi-family and market rate properties. Our uniquely experienced business practices and dedication for excellence are reflected in every community we develop.