“Realtex is a professional real estate development company with extensive experience and a unique approach to
the real estate business.”

Rick J. Deyoe
Realtex Development Corporation

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    Heartland Village - 1

    Extensive consideration and evaluation are achieved in every proposed property to ensure that all parameters of exceptional quality developments are attained.  The Realtex Development team of professionals embrace local agencies, civic leaders, and neighboring residents to formulate the most precise plan for the area.  Our commitment to excellence and abiding by our real estate principles are integral facets associated with our high-quality affordable and market rate communities.
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    From the planning stages to completion, Realtex Construction is responsible for all aspects of quality construction. This quality control that Realtex demands guarantees that there is a consistent high standard of construction work and attention to detail attained on all properties developed by Realtex. By adhering to the belief of working closely with neighborhood organizations and municipalities, Realtex Construction is able to retain a link to the past while building for the future.

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    Oak Arbor - 4

    Our primary responsibility is to supervise and provide direct oversight of all asset and property management operations, including a focus on investment analysis. The Realtex Management team of professionals achieves excellence through professional management, coincided with superb levels of quality customer service to ensure complete resident satisfaction. Their commitment is not only improving the lives of their residents, but further enhancing the overall appearance and social conditions of the community.