Rick J. Deyoe

Rick J. Deyoe

President and Founder of Realtex Development Corporation, Rick J. Deyoe has profoundly lead this real estate development company to achieve it’s merits of excellence.  Realtex is well known for its market rate luxury apartment homes and multi-family communities that offer high-end amenities for its residents and further exude their overall value. Rick has built a sustainable business model that has afforded Realtex yearly expansion and diversification.  Realtex has grown into one of the largest and most diverse affordable and market rate housing development firms in the United States.  Nationally awarded, Realtex properties are admired for their unique character, luxurious livability, and affordable rental rates.

Rick Deyoe attended Sam Houston State University and the University of Texas.  He graduated and received his Bachelors of Administration degree in Finance in 1986.  With over 30 years of real estate experience and having worked every facet of real estate, Rick oversees all aspects of Realtex’s fiscal, strategic, organizational, and operational functions.  He further strives to develop new opportunities that harness expertise and a unique approach to the various housing markets.  During his tenure, Realtex has developed over 42 properties valued at more than $515 million. Based in Austin, Texas Realtex has spearheaded some of the most successful and transformative affordable housing and market rate communities throughout the states of Texas, Mississippi, and Florida.  In helping communities grow, Mr. Deyoe is always looking for undeveloped areas in order to determine the future needs and projection of tomorrow’s businesses and consumers.

In 2004, Rick paved the way and formed Realtex Construction, LLC to ensure that there was a consistent high standard of construction work completed on all Realtex properties. By performing each property’s construction, Realtex has maximum control over each development’s budget and schedule.  In order to provide superb property management oversight, Rick Deyoe formed Realtex Housing Management, LLC in 2006.

“We look forward to serving our residents with hard work and giving them a commitment to the quality in the services that we provide, ” – Rick Deyoe.